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Pure Indian Incenses

Sandalwood: healing, serenity, space cleansing, immunity, relaxation, deep physical, emotional and mental cleansing, soothing.

Lavender: calming, relaxing, clarity of thoughts, focus, memory.

Rose: love, harmony, receptivity romance, activation of heart, relationship healing.

Orange: cheerful, releasing, regulates BP. Helps to let go emotions preventing weight loss.

 Sage: Purification, mental, emotional & physical strength, wisdom.

Frankincense: Grounding, removing negative energies. 

White Sage: wisdom, power, intellect, purification. 

Ylang Ylang: anger management, creativity, romance.


Cinnamon: Marital bliss, Family bonding, love, good luck, digestion, prosperity.

Clove: financial growth & protection, blood circulation, pain relief & anti stress.

Jasmine: anti-depression and stress


More blended incenses for relationship healing and accurate perspective

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