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Pure & Natural

Indian Essential Oils:

Sandalwood: healing, spirituality, serenity, space cleansing, wisdom, immunity, relaxation, deep physical, emotional and mental cleansing, soothing.

Green, pink & gold prana.

Lavender: calming, relaxing, clarity of thoughts, focus, decision making,

memory, pain relieving, sleep, Kundalini syndrome.

Violet and blue prana.

Rose: love, compassion, harmony, receptivity romance, anti-depressant,

activation of heart, relaxation, relationship healing,

transmutation of grey energy into pink.


Orange: cheerful, spiritual clearing, cleansing of kidneys, releasing, regulates BP,

Heals constipation and urinary ailments. Helps to let go emotions

preventing weight loss, expelling, fat reduction.

orange & little green prana.


Sage: Purification, mental, emotional & physical strength, wisdom.

Frankincence: Grounding, removing negative energies.

Gold and orange prana.


Lemon: uplifting cheering, refreshing, cleansing release ego, detox,

acceptance of love, immunity, blood purification and circulation,

respiratory decongestant, cutting old patterns.

Green &  little orange prana.


White Sage: wisdom, power, intellect, purification.

Green, blue, violet prana.


Pink Lotus: physicalization of Great Invocation prayer, aligns love, light and power, strengths the spiritual connection, also teaches you patiently to rise above your circumstances and achieve the true purpose of life.


White Lotus: more peaceful, used for anger management.

Blue Lotus: used for expanding consciousness and awareness.

Patchouli: energizing, calming, stress n anxiety release, anti-ageing.


Ylang Ylang: anger management, soothing, creativity, intense spiritual encounters, romance. Violet prana.


Myrrh: violet and golden prana, immunity, purification, healing wounds,

regenerating skin, aging, spiritual connect.

Violet, little red prana.


Jasmine: smoothing, anti-wrinkle, forgiveness, anger management,

romance, patience, self-confidence, optimism, rejuvenation, anti-depressant,

positive & optimistic thinking, mental relaxation, skin care, meditation.

Pink, gold, green & white prana.

Cinnamon: Marital bliss, Family bonding, love, good luck, digestion, prosperity.


Tea tree: cleansing, immunity, skin care.

Green, little pink & gold prana.

Clove: financial growth & protection, blood circulation, pain relief & anti stress.


Magnesium: Relieves pains, aches, cramps, heart ache, asthma, boosts energy,

induces sleep.


Eucalyptus: deep purification, decongestion, empowering, mental strength.


Oregano: immunity, metabolism, self-expression, communication.

Peppermint: cooling, uplifting, activates mental faculty, soothing inflammation.

(blue & violet prana).





 Blends for:

Prosperity: not to apply on skin, expands your financial aptitude. Aids in making better financial choices, attracting better projects or prospects where you can succeed. Eliminates wasteful expenditures and protects accumulated wealth from attacks. Use in wallets, Kriyashakti, prosperity meditation, bank lockers, cash boxes, jewelry bags, investments files...etc.

Eye Magic: for dark circle, puffy eyes, crow’s feet. Improves vision, improves perception (point of view) & mindset, aids in goal setting & future planning, long term planning & clairvoyance.

Sensuality: makes you comfortable and confident about exploring your sensual and sexual needs, better acceptance of your body and its desires, without judging self.

Vitality: for people suffering from low energy levels, especially weakness in legs, apply on calf muscles or add in bath water or massages.

Intuition: improves intuitive abilities, helps in better understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. it helps in deeper understanding of subjects & during healing when applied before studying and healing people.

Libido: improves sexual desires, sexual drive and sexual appetite.

Meditation: helps you to smoothly move in and out of meditation state. You are no longer attached to the emotions surfacing during the meditation, you simply see them passing by and stay tuned in your meditation state.

Spike Nard: flying & transition to inner word, expand awareness, metabolism, calm nerves.

Calming: helps you to physically calm down, Excellent for people who hyper active, children, during exams, interviews, driving. You still remain calm and alert, doesn’t make you sleepy.

Pain Relief: removes the dirty energy causing the pain (not a pain killer).

Quit Smoking: helps to remove the smoking energy from the place and people’s aura.

Stress Relief

Depression Cure


Cupid’s arrow




Self confidence

Anti aging

Deep Sleep


High Spirits

Cancer relief

Rheumatoid arthritis

Kidney stones

Breathing problems



Nail oil

Fat Fighter

Hair Booster

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